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Hoyotek Shines at the 2023 Vietnam International Medical Exhibition


It's great to hear that Hoyotek participated in the PHARMEDI VIETNAM exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It's an excellent opportunity for company to showcase their products and engage in meaningful interactions within the medical and healthcare industry.

PHARMEDI VIETNAM is a highly specialized international event in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and is organized by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. 

Highlight Exhibits

At the exhibition, Hoyotek showcased our latest in vitro diagnostic reagents and solutions, encompassing two platforms: POCT (Fluorescent Immunoassay, Colloidal Gold) and CLIA (Chemiluminescent Immunoassay). Here are our highlight exhibits:

1. Innovative Product Line: We presented a range of innovative in vitro diagnostic test reagents, including Alzheimer's blood early screening (Aβ1-42/P-Tau-181) and brain injury detection (S100β), as well as early screening for tumors (VEGF/TK1/CEA), among others. These products hold enormous potential in disease detection and health management.

2. POCT: Our POCT platform offers portable and rapid testing solutions, with over 40 projects available for capillary blood. It can deliver high-quality diagnostic services in community hospitals, clinics, and remote areas.

3. Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA): The CLIA platform demonstrated our leading position in the field of highly sensitive immunoassays, providing precise and reliable testing methods for medical diagnostics.




Certifications and Patents

We take pride not only in our product innovations but also in our achievements in certifications and patents:

  • Over 180 CE certificates, validating our commitment to the international market.

  • Over 70 NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) registrations, demonstrating the widespread recognition of our products in the Chinese market.

  • Over 40 patent certificates, highlighting our outstanding achievements in technical innovation.


Business Collaborations and Customer Feedback

In addition to product exhibitions, Hoyotek actively sought opportunities for business collaborations. We engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with potential partners from around the world during the exhibition. This will help us expand our global market share and offer more high-quality in vitro diagnostic reagent products.

We are incredibly grateful to the customers and attendees who visited our booth. Their feedback and interactions are invaluable to us, aiding us in gaining a better understanding of market demands and enabling us to continually enhance our product quality and service levels.


Looking to the Future

Hoyotek will continue to strive for innovation, bringing more high-quality products and solutions to the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents. We look forward to collaborating with more partners in the future and jointly driving the development of the medical diagnostics industry.

Finally, we want to express our gratitude for your support and attention. Please stay tuned to our official public account to receive the latest updates and news about Hoyotek.