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Donation 200,000 RMB Alzheimer's Disease test reagents in Nov 2023

Thank you for the invitation from Professor Zhang Minghui of Tsinghua University, the first in China to propose the "Lehe 4+1 Therapy" for treating various chronic diseases, incorporating Chinese medicine characteristics, a plant-based diet, positive psychology, immune enhancement, and humanistic care. Hoyotek is honored to participate in this donation, contributing Alzheimer's Disease test reagents worth 200,000 RMB to relevant medical and research institutions. Alzheimer's disease(AD) is the fifth leading cause of death in China, with 9.83 million patients. Our company specializes in " Alzheimer's Disease Detection and the Development and Production of Therapeutic Drugs." The AD blood early screening project has obtained CE and NMPV certifications, along with several invention patents. This donation is a small step towards fulfilling our social responsibility, aiming to contribute to the early screening and research of Alzheimer's disease.